Fancy Colored Diamond:
A fancy diamond is a natural coloured diamond, found in a wide range of hues, including red, green, purple, violet, orange blue and pink. These diamonds are amongst the most rare and beautiful diamonds that nature has to offer. In fact, out of the approximately 80 000 carats of rough diamonds mined every year, only 0.001% are regarded as fancy colours.

These beautiful colours are the result of the differing processes experience in their formation, for example:
* Yellow diamonds are the result of the presence of nitrogen in the diamond's creation
* Green diamonds are created though the diamond’s exposure to irradiation
* Pink and red diamonds are considered to be the result of manganese inclusions within the diamond

Fancy Color Grade Diagram

Color Grade

Fancy light yellow.
There is slight yellow tint that can be detected by human eye on this color range. The buyer perception of color for yellow diamonds is confident, intelligent and wordly. Lighter shades are a great value because they still look yellow, yet you can have more size for the money.

Fancy Yellow.
This color range has yellow hue but less saturated. These stones are very beautiful but less expensive than intense and vivid range.
Fancy Intense.
Intensity color range for diamonds have richer color and quality. Values of this kind of diamond are higher.
Fancy Yellow Vivid.
Vivid yellow diamonds are the rarest and most unique diamonds. These characteristics make it the most expensive kind from any other range.